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The following episode is a weekly broadcast. You can get a quick synopsis of what’s going on, the length of these broadcasts will normally be less than 15 minutes.
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Meet your Mayor, other Carson City officials and non-profit organizations.
Get to know more about what is happening here and now in your city.

These episodes are meant to convey information about services available to the Carson City community as well as what’s going on in general. That being said, the viewpoints given on these broadcasts are that of the individual and do not necessarily represent those of ACCtv, the Brewery Arts Center or the City of Carson City.

Episode 155 CASA Director

Episode 154 Supervisor John McKenna


Episode 153 WNC Classes

Episode 152 Supervisor Jim Shirk

Episode 151 Green Business

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Episode 150 Mayor Bob Crowell

Episode 149 Rebecca Montero of Affordable Healthcare Pros

Episode 148 Supervisor Bonkowski

Episode 147 Supervisor Abowd

Episode 146 Jim Peckham of F.I.S.H.

Episode 145 Supervisor McKenna

Episode 144 Sheriff Kenny Furlong

Episode 143 Supervisor Jim Shirk

Episode 142 Mayor Bob Crowell

Episode 141 Brad Bonkowski

Episode 125-replay Lori Nichols-Recruiting Foster Families in Nevada

Episode 140 John McKenna

Episode 139 Shelly Aldean

Episode 138 Jim Shirk

Episode 137 Nevada Grants

Episode 136 Karen Abowd

Episode 134 David Bugli

Episode 133 Mayor Bob Crowell

Episode 132 Candy Duncan and Santa

Episode 131 Mayor Bob Crowell

Episode 130 CASA with Chris Bayer

Episode 129 Senior Follies with Carla Wilson

Episode 128 Mayor Bob Crowell

Episode 127 VentanaSierra

Episode 126 Mayor Bob Crowell

Episode 125 Lori Nichols-Recruiting Foster Families in Nevada

Episode 124 Mayor Bob Crowell

Episode 123 Sheriff Kenny Furlong

Episode 122 Mayor Bob Crowell

Episode 121
Kyle Horvath with

Episode 120
Karen Abowd on Green House Project

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