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We are open by appointment. Please call Darla at 830-7939 or email here at

The Brewery Arts Center Broadcast Arts Facility and Media Center is an all digital video production center and TV broadcast facility housing Carson City Nevada’s Public Access Stations 210 and 226 on Charter Cable as well as this site.

The facility is equipped with cameras, computers for editing and animation, green screen, broadcast and link capabilities, audio, video and field production equipment helping independent filmmakers produce quality TV and video. We also offer classes in television production.

ACCtv is public access. View this video to learn more about us. Learn more about Rules and Regulations of public access.

Also, if you are having any sort of troubles with our broadcast you may
call Darla at 775-830-7939 or email her at

Once trained on the equipment it is free to use, by appointment/reservation AS LONG AS you are producing content for public access tv Channels 210 or 226.

Computers – 7 PCs, 5 Desktop Macs and 3 laptop Macs with software to do just about any video or audio production. Free WiFi is available. 

Equipment – 2 Sony 2100, 3 Sony FX1, 7 Manfrotto Tripods, 5 Sennheiser Shot Gun Mics, Lighting kits, 3 lav mics, 2 radio mics.

Physical and Virtual Training – Tv Production classes are scheduled 4 times a year or as requested. Camera trainings are by apointment. Training on editing equipment works best one on one therefore by appointment. We have a service available for you to learn on your own as well once you have taken the initial class.
Technical Capabilities- 

LIVE televised from ACCtv studios, BAC Performance Hall on Ch 210 or 226

LIVE internet through UStream

Recorded re broadcast on TV and Video on Demand online

Skype, iChat, Facetime connections with broadcasting