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Charter Cable channel 191 for Government (and 193 for Public Access).

Be aware we only broadcast from 8am to midnight on most days, remaining time will be Bulletin Board.

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Following is CH191 TV guide.
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8:00 RTC/Campo
11:00 Carson City Charter Review
2:00 Capital Crossfire
3:00 League of Women Voters Forum-3
5:30 Carson City Shade Tree
9:00 Visitors Bureau

8:30 CC Board of Supervisors-LIVE
5:00 Nevada Trails
5:30 Carson City Historic Resources Commission
9:00 CC Open Space Committee

8:00 Park & Recreation
11:00 Capital Crossfire
2:00 School Board
5:00 CC Planning Commission
8:00 Carson City Charter Review
11:00 League of Women Voters Forum-2

8:00 League of Women Voters Forum-4
11:00 Carson City Charter Review
2:00 CC Board of Supervisors
5:00 League of Women Voters Forum-2
8:00 Airport Authority
11:00 Capital Crossfire