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General Operations Donations

Please consider a one time or recurring contribution to fund the work we do at the Brewery Arts Center. Your donation helps us to support established and rising stars in the visual, performing, filmmaking and digital arts, as well as arts education for the community through classes, workshops, musical concerts, and theatrical and dance performances.  As we work and create together, your partnership will help us all to benefit from a thriving community and culture in our capitol city and Northern Nevada region.  If you would like to make a monetary donation to the Brewery Arts Center please click the button below, or send your donation to The Brewery Arts Center, 449 W King St. Carson City, NV 89703.


Physical Donations

The Brewery Arts Center is always in need of items including costumes, art supplies, production equipment, and tools.  If you would like to make a physical donation to the Brewery Arts Center, please call 775-883-1976, or stop by the Administrative Offices at 449 W King St. Carson City, NV 89703.


Diving into the Arts Donations

Diving into the Arts summer arts academy is a partnership between the Boys and Girls Clubs of Western Nevada and the Brewery Arts Center. We thank you for your donation as it combines with others to bring the arts and culture to the youth and families from our community who would not normally have a chance for this life changing experience.

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Yesterday I went with my family to Red Thunder and it was wonderful! We were given free tickets through Carson City Casa. I so appreciate the tickets and the great afternoon out with the family. The performance was beautiful and my two smallest girls got to go on stage and dance the Friendship Dance. Three of the children have some Native American in their back-round, so it was extra special for them to get to experience something about their heritage that is positive and desirable. So much of their personal history is not so pleasant and it is great when we can enrich their self concept. Thank you so much for another fabulous treat! -Cindy Rodman

DIA Summer 2013.16

“Programs that allow youth to grow and experience new avenues in life are crucial to the core mission of The Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada. We believe that every child should be given the opportunity to unlock his or her true potential, and we believe strongly in the necessity of positive adult support in doing this. Our partnership with the Brewery Arts Center has not only helped to introduce youth to new potentials, but it has also given these youth new outlets with which we have seen dozens of them flourish.

DIA Summer 2013.4

Jenni, 17, has lived in foster care for a large majority of her life. Her natural talent in the fine arts was evident to me on the first day that I met her. She began participating in Diving Into the Arts during her first week, but she was timid in sharing her ability with others. Recently, after 7 weeks of participation, she explained her own growth at the Brewery Arts, “Before this summer, I always sketched in black and white, and I kept it to myself. I used art to deal with the things that are going on in my life. The art teacher here taught me how to use color, and my art has exploded in color!” This chance to be encouraged and challenged in her art has allowed Jenni to fully engage in a world in which she feels most at home. Many of the teen members have echoed Jenni’s gratitude for their experiences during the summer at Diving Into the Arts. Most of them never get the opportunity in their home lives to learn about theater, fine arts, technical theater, dance or video production because their parents are focused on keeping a roof over their heads.

Thomas, 9, is often seen as a “handful,” and most of the feedback he receives in the various areas of his life is negative as a result of his endless energy. During Diving Into the Arts he participated in the theater and dance class. He explained, “We are supposed to be silly! It is so cool because I get to be the king!” Thomas was given an opportunity to receive positive feedback for his energy and engagement. Perhaps in the future this experience will help to bolster his self confidence in order to push him through times where he feels most alone.

Diving Into the Arts is not just a program for youths who are already successful in the arts that they practice regularly. Diving Into the Arts is a project built by a strong partnership with the goal of supporting the youth who need us most in order to engage them in entirely new ways that will help them find success in all areas of their lives.” -Bridget Gordon, Teen Director, Boys and Girls Clubs of Western Nevada

Thank you for having Alex in your class. It is the first class that Alex has been enthusiastic from beginning to end ever!! He really enjoyed the opportunity to help with the harmonica project, and looks forward to taking the video production class again & again. -Nenita Wasserman